Zero Waste

We work with a range of partners covering most waste streams, providing guidance, expertise and practical services to transform waste into resources, either via our own in-house recycling businesses or through one of our partners. 

Our in-house recycling operations are industry-leading recyclers of post-industrial plastic waste. Our work helps to reduce the quantity and range of waste plastic entering landfill and incineration, supporting your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and become a more sustainable organisation. 

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Plastic Recycling

We produce high-quality reprocessed plastic grinds and compound for plastic producers across the UK and overseas, playing our role in a circular economy where waste is treated as a valuable resource.

Preston Plastics

Preston Plastics are an industry-leading recycler of post-industrial plastic waste.

We are extensively experienced in recycling all forms of polypropylene waste, from printed film to non-woven fabric which enables us to offer a broad spectrum of dedicated services.

We produce high-quality reprocessed polypropylene compound for plastic producers across the UK and overseas, playing our role in a circular economy where waste is treated as a valuable resource.

Visit the Preston Plastics website here.

Indigo Environmental

Indigo Environmental aims to provide truly innovative closed-loop options to best meet the growing environmental demands of the 21st century.

Whilst we are not restricted to the type of enquiry, we primarily work with:

  • Containers, buckets, trays and packaging from the food and beverage industry
  • Polypropylene food containers (used, unused factory destocking)
  • Used packaging such as drums, IBCs and containers from sectors such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Process scrap, purge and skeletal waste from industries such as plastic injection moulding and the automotive industry
  • Wheelie bins and collection boxes from councils and local authorities

Visit the Indigo Environmental website here.

Three Counties Reclamation

Three Counties Reclamation have over 30 years expertise in the plastic recycling and polymer sectors, specialising in the recycling of PET post production and industrial polymer.

We can offer a comprehensive range of products and services including:

  • Supply of rPET flake and regrinds to a range of industrial sectors including packaging, textiles, food and beverages
  • rPET supplied as either a natural or multi coloured regrind or flake
  • Transport collection and delivery. All transport is pre-arranged and scheduled to maximise efficiency

Visit the Three Counties Reclamation website here.

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