Tree Planting & Corporate Planting

more:trees by THG Eco is a tree-planting platform enabling businesses, organisations and individuals to take climate action in one click. We work with global projects to restore forests, planting trees that will sequester carbon dioxide and other Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions during their lifetimes.

Our Tree Planting Partners

We work with tree planting projects in Kenya, Madagascar, and Haiti. Each project goes through a rigorous due diligence process to ensure we are employing local tree planters to restore natural environments and habitats, and lift communities out of poverty. 
We support projects with a strong history in afforestation and reforestation, have charity or NGO status with relevant audits such as GuideStar, and correspond with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Why more:trees? 

more:trees is cost-effective, easy to use, trustworthy, and impactful. 
Plant a tree for £1, manually, in bulk, or automatically. Our platform can automate a customised email to send to customers, employees or suppliers about their tree and its ongoing impact. You can also benefit from marketing resources such as tree planting certificates, website widgets, and a unique virtual forest.

Corporate Tree Planting

Corporate tree planting days take place all year round, within one hour’s journey distance of your requested global location. This includes a five-hour itinerary tailored to your requirements. Optional activities include expert speakers, and Net Zero and climate change workshops. There will also be tree planting experts on site to educate and coordinate the planting.

B2B2C Profit-Share Model

We also offer an additional profit stream option for your organisation through a profit-share scheme on each tree planted.  

Your organisation can integrate more:trees into your website, Eco-Credits are uploaded to your account, and a customer purchases a tree through the website. THG Eco will reconcile the number of planted trees and issue the invoices accordingly based on the agreed profit-share model.

Carbon Credits

While tree-planting will absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) in the future, carbon credits can be purchased to offset your organisation’s carbon footprint today.  

By purchasing carbon credits, you will be investing in projects where the CO2 has already been avoided through global projects such as renewable energy, cookstove and forestry. On our more:trees platform, we offer three projects to buy your carbon credits from, all aligned with the UNFCCC CDM, Gold Standard or Verra VCS Carbon Standard.  

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