Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting enables companies and organisations to make a positive contribution towards the environment when they have residual carbon emissions that cannot otherwise be reduced.  

We offer a highly developed carbon credit trading service, where we facilitate the transaction of carbon credits with both buyers and sellers in the voluntary carbon market.  

Our in-house expertise and wide network of carbon credit suppliers allow for a vast, comprehensive portfolio of carbon credits available for offsetting purposes, with enough variety to suit all budgets and requirements in a organisation's carbon reduction strategy.

In order to achieve Net Zero status, the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) guidance requires all companies to purchase high-quality offsets, with at least 20% of their offsets purchased from carbon removal projects. 

We have access to over 50 million carbon credits across our network of project developers, covering both spot and forward-purchase opportunities.

SBTi Guidance

Purchasing high-quality carbon credits in addition to reducing emissions along a science-based trajectory can play a critical role in accelerating the transition to Net Zero emissions at the global level

Source: ‘A deep dive into setting corporate science-based net zero targets’ - SBTi Webinar, 7 April 2022


THG Eco is a proud member of The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), a non-profit organisation established in 1999 to implement a framework for the trading of emission reduction units in line with the Paris Agreement, and to drive the delivery of Net Zero targets.  

IETA brings together a community of members from across the globe, helping organisations work together to strengthen the Voluntary Carbon Markets by ensuring emission reductions are real and verifiable, whilst simultaneously balancing economic efficiency with environmental and social benefit. All IETA Members are working together to build a robust framework that will deliver a Net Zero future and uphold a secure Carbon Market. 

Credit Standards

THG Eco facilitates carbon credit trades from three main credit standards: 

  • Gold Standard
  • Verra VCS

These Credit Standards ensure full levels of due diligence and compliance are undertaken on the projects at source. Every carbon credit purchased is certified to be genuine and invested directly into the environmental project. 

Validation and Verification 

All carbon credits offered by THG Eco are validated and verified to be:

  • Real: All emissions reductions generated must be proven to have genuinely taken place. 
  • Measurable: All emissions reductions must be quantifiable. 
  • Additional: Emissions reduction projects must be able to prove that the project would not have taken place without the help of carbon finance.
  • Independently verified: To provide sufficient guarantees to buyers, emissions reductions should be verified by an approved, independent, third-party verifier.
  • Unique: Double counting is prevented using registries that track ownership and eventual cancellation for regulatory compliance. 


Carbon credits purchased from THG Eco can be transferred or retired on an organisation's behalf. When THG Eco retires credits, where possible and requested, the retirement is recorded in the public domain and a retirement certificate is generated from the credit registry directly. 

THG Eco Carbon Credits certified by

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