Climate Action Workshops

Collective action is vital if we are to achieve the global climate targets. We offer informational and educational workshops, delivered to help engage relevant teams and employees with your organisation’s carbon reduction strategy and sustainability goals. 

Why THG Eco?

Our Climate Action workshops support employees, suppliers and future clients to understand the importance of climate change and how they can contribute towards reducing carbon emissions. 

The workshops can be included as part of a Corporate Tree Planting Day, or separately dependent on the format, location and number of attendees. 

Outcomes include:

  1. Outline tools and practices to improve sustainability 
  2. Provide understanding of strategic and operational implications 
  3. Engage workforce by sharing an overall sustainability strategy, with interactive discussions throughout 
  4. Help employees/prospects appreciate importance of climate change 
  5. Guidance on how they can contribute and reduce emissions 
  6. Contribute to employee growth 

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