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Climate Action

To avoid critical changes in the atmosphere, it is crucial our planet remains under 1.5°C of global warming. To achieve this, countries, companies, and other organisations across the world need to take action to reduce and begin reversing the damage we have done.

For companies, a strategy sets out the clear priorities for Climate Action. It provides an aligned, agreed and structured framework for deploying resources, creating impact, and achieving and communicating results.

We support organisations to accelerate towards Net Zero carbon emissions, see below how THG Eco can help you.

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Climate Action

Company Carbon Footprint 

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Life Cycle Assessment

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Achieving Net Zero & Science Based Targets 

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Science Based Target Submission & Reporting 

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Direct Carbon Project Investment & Pre‒Feasibility 

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Carbon Offsetting 

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Carbon Neutral Certification 

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Renewable Energy Certificates 

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Tree Planting & Corporate Planting Days 

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Climate Action Workshops

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