October 24, 2023

THG Eco becomes Official Sustainability Partner of Williams Racing

THG announces ground-breaking, multi-year partnership with Williams Racing - including the announcement of THG Eco as Williams' Official Sustainability Partner. 

The partnership is rooted in the shared history of delivering elite performance, through data-driven technology and innovation. 

Together, THG and Williams Racing are set to elevate performance both on and off the track, with THG providing world-class sports nutrition, cutting-edge commerce solutions and invaluable sustainability expertise. 

As Official Sustainability Partner, THG Eco will bring its expertise in net-zero and climate action services. 

Matt Moulding, Chief Executive Officer of THG, expressed:

In a world where nutrition fuels performance, technology drives innovation and sustainable practices protect our environment, THG is perfectly positioned to bring our expertise to Formula 1 - the pinnacle of global motorsport. This partnership represents a merging of expertise to drive THG and Williams Racing towards a future defined by innovation and sustainability.

James Vowles, Team Principal of Williams Racing, shared his enthusiasm, stating:

We are thrilled to announce our global partnership with THG. Williams Racing has always been known as a disruptor in the racing world, including championing new technologies and challenging the status quo through innovation. We have found an equally future-focused and ambitious partner in THG, a British data-driven tech group and brand builder on the global stage, and we're excited to take on this journey together.

If you'd like to explore THG Eco's ability to support your sustainability journey, get in touch using the button or form below. 

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