September 17, 2023

THG wins sustainability award for turning Myprotein product into fish feed

What do you do with waste Myprotein product? Turn it into fish feed, of course. 

THG has won the EMEA Circular economy Transition of the Year Award in the 2023 Sustainable Company Awards from Environmental Finance for the company’s initiative to turn unused Myprotein products into fish feed.

The initiative, lead by THG’s facilities and sustainability teams in partnership with waste processing company MYGroup, sees out of date Myprotein product blended with other upcycled ingredients to produce a sustainable fish feed pellet. 

The award specifically celebrates companies working towards a more sustainable future by transforming their strategies and business models to meet core business requirements in a sustainable manner.  

One judge described the project as: “An excellent initiative that delivers tangible positive environmental outcomes as well as a positive economic impact in reducing waste costs for the company and providing a useful raw material for MYgroup.” 

Mark Jones, Chief Sustainability Officer at THG said: 

I am incredibly proud of the teams at THG who identified a problem surrounding Myprotein products that cannot be resold - and otherwise disposed of - and came up with an innovative solution to circularity. It’s a privilege to be recognised by the Environmental Finance Sustainable Awards for this innovative project ran here at THG. This recognition showcases that innovation is at the heart of THG and will continue to spur on more innovative sustainability efforts in acting as a force for good to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Kenneth Henning, Facilities Project Manager for THG said: 

When we were faced with the challenge of how to sustainably dispose of Myprotein’s out of date stock, we knew that truly creative thinking was needed from the entire organisation. With true THG entrepreneurial spirit, the challenge was met head on with a creative and innovative solution. Harnessing this innovation to deliver that closed-loop solution demonstrates THG's move towards a more sustainable business.

The project demonstrates THG's out of the box thinking and innovation, while also highlighting how THG is working towards its strategic goal of strengthening its supply chain and circularity. 

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