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November 21, 2023

Over One-Third of Businesses See Profitability in Sustainability

A recent survey by SAP of more than 300 UK business leaders, found 37% are actively engaging in environmental sustainability initiatives because of their potential to enhance financial performance.

The survey indicates that 31% of these businesses have already experienced a significant positive impact on revenue and profits by enhancing their sustainability credentials. Furthermore, 57% anticipate a return on investment from at least one key green project within the next five years.

Despite these encouraging figures, the survey reveals that 28% of respondents face challenges in constructing a compelling business case for environmental projects. Common obstacles include:


  • High initial technology costs;
  • Extended payback periods; and
  • Benefits that are challenging to quantify in annual financial reports.

Environmental economics professor Edward Manderson emphasises the pivotal role that the connection between sustainability and financial performance will play in shaping environmental progress. He asserts that recent academic literature supports the financial benefits of sustainability measures, and SAP's research substantiates this.

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