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February 19, 2024

Introducing More Trees 2.0

 Our tree planting platform, More Trees, has undergone a refresh – relaunching as More Trees 2.0. Here’s everything you need to know about More Trees, what’s new and how to get involved. 

Recap: What is More Trees?

More Trees is a tree planting platform that enables businesses and individuals to support global reforestation projects at the click of a button.

Over the past three years, we’ve made significant strides, planting more than 2.5 million trees in six different countries; Haiti, Kenya, Nepal, The Philippines, Madagascar and Honduras.

We’ve also reached an impressive 90,000+ users across companies of all shapes and sizes, including Myprotein, Cult Beauty, Amika, Barbour and more. Such businesses adopt tree planting to boost their ESG strategies, including planting a tree at checkout, in bulk, as an employee initiative, and for every event attendee, to just name a few.

Reminder: What is More Trees achieving?

Together with our users, we’re making a significant environmental impact, supporting global reforestation projects that help:

  • Reduce the effects of climate change – absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, while regulating weather patterns, improving soil quality and restoring habitats.
  • Help alleviate poverty – providing local people with the skills and employment to make a living, support their families and contribute to the local economy.
  • Support biodiversity – creating rich ecosystems through habitats, food sources, oxygen production, soil health and water regulation. 

Update: What’s new?

After three impressive years, it was time for a refresh. Launching on 26 February 2024, More Trees 2.0 elevates the tree planting experience, making it easier and more intuitive than ever. 

Key updates include:

  • New branding – we’ve got a fresh new look across the platform, including vibrant new virtual forests for our users.
  • Tiered accounts – multiple users can now plant trees via one account, as well as being able to plant trees via multiple accounts.
  • Pay as you plant – it’s now easier to pay instantly via credit/debit card, without using credits.
  • New subscriptions – subscriptions have made a comeback, this time with new monthly and annual discounts.
  • New projects – we’ve partnered with two new tree planting partners, allowing us to offer a wider variety of impactful projects. 

Intro: Our New Tree Planting Partners

As part of our relaunch, we’ve partnered with two new tree planting partners – allowing us to offer a wider variety of tree planting projects to our users.

Veritree is a tree planting organisation, created to scale restorative actions embedded in trust and transparency using technology.

They co-create tree planting projects using ground-level technology, a science-based restoration framework, and remote sensing capabilities, in partnership with local communities.

Importantly to us, and our users:

  • All impact is verified, centralised and digitalised on a blockchain ledger.
  • Carbon, biodiversity, water, soil and socioeconomic impact are verified and monitored using on-the-ground and remote sensing technologies.
  • Real-time data is collected from the field and uploaded onto a partner portal, including planting updates, images, videos, planting paths, trail camera footage and more.

Forest Focus
Forest Focus is a tree planting organisation on a mission to resolve extreme poverty and alleviate the effects of climate change. They help rural communities plant mangrove and agroforestry trees to secure food and income while restoring and protecting local forests. 

In addition, they:

  • Use traditional soil revitalisation methods, which are proven to be effective, economical and easily implemented by local villagers.
  • Ensure 20% of all trees planted are agroforestry trees, including marketable nut, fruit and spice trees.
  • Donate a percentage of each tree sale towards community development projects aimed to minimise the impact of extreme poverty.

Update: Our New Tree Planting Projects

As part of the relaunch, we now have six new tree planting projects on the platform:

  1. West & Nippes Department of Haiti
  2. East Rwanda
  3. Mombasa, Kenya
  4. Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada
  5. Cariboo, British Columbia Canada Wildfire Restoration
  6. Kilimanjaro region and Tanga region, Tanzania

Action: Get involved

If you haven’t visited the new More Trees platform yet, click here to create a free account, explore the new features and visit the new projects. 
And, if you’d like to learn more from one of the More Trees team, please email