corn field

December 12, 2023

Cargill to Eliminate Deforestation in South American Supply Chains


Cargill, a global agribusiness and food corporation, has announced its plans to eradicate deforestation and land conversion from its soy, corn, wheat, and cotton supply chains in Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay by 2025.

This announcement complements the company's existing commitment to produce completely deforestation-free commodities and conversion-free soy across South America by 2030.

Pilar Cruz, Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasised that Cargill is actively working towards shaping a future where ecosystems are safeguarded for future generations. Cruz added that the company is prioritising collective action and collaborative partnerships with farmers, governments, non-governmental organisations, and other stakeholders to find balanced solutions for economic development and environmental conservation globally.

Cargill will collaborate with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to implement enhanced traceability measures.

Source: Sustainability Beat