October 30, 2023

44% of UK Firms Have Structured Decarbonisation Plans

A new poll by Aviva has found that nearly half of UK businesses have structured plans in place for reducing carbon emissions. 

This figure shows a 10% increase compared with 2022 - showing significant progress is being made. 

The survey of more than 250 businesses, also found that:

  • 66% of organisations are concerned about the impact climate change will have on their business.
  • 45% of businesses feel pressured by consumers to act on climate change
  • 39% of organisations are acting on climate change due to pressure from other businesses. 

Worryingly, Aviva also found that 42% of businesses have paused investment in decarbonisation, with 56% believing carbon reduction is unaffordable. 

Source: Edie

If you'd placed your sustainability strategy on hold - get in touch to find out how we can put it back on track quickly and affordably. 

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