Methven calculates emissions and achieves PAS2060 certification with THG Eco

...and offsets emissions with high quality carbon credits


Methven partnered with THG Eco in its project to calculate and offset its carbon emissions in accordance with PAS 2060 and the World
Resource Institute GHG Protocol. Through this partnership, Methven was able to understand its carbon footprint, identify hotspots and areas for reduction, and purchase high-quality carbon credits to offset its emissions and support international climate initiatives. 


Of carbon dioxide emissions calculated


Of CO2 emissions fell under Scope 1


Report conducted to verify carbon offset

About Methven

Methven has been creating amazing water experiences since 1886, with its array of beautifully designed, award-winning showers, taps and valves. 

Their vision is to remain the authoritative lead in the market, setting industry-leading standards for customers, shareholders and employees.

This is why they sought to calculate and offset their emissions per PAS 2060 and the World Resource Institute GHG Protocol. 

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The Challenge

Methven had a long-term strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and offset any unavoidable emissions.

However, Methven lacked the internal technical expertise to calculate its carbon footprint,  identify emission hotspots and highlight opportunities for reductions.

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The Solution & Journey

THG Eco was able to offer Methven a path to their goals - working with them to collect emissions data and conduct a carbon footprint report that identified total emissions and specific hotspots. 

Through this exercise, THG Eco was able to highlight opportunities for emission reductions, including car sharing programs, scheduled mileage audits, and green energy tariffs. 

We chose to partner with THG Eco because we were looking for a larger team to help us with a longer term strategy. Having reviewed a number of other options, we were happy to proceed with THG Eco based on technical knowledge, experience and cost effective service. Throughout, our sustainability journey was accompanied by lots of communication and updates. We will definitely use THG Eco again.

The Results

THG calculated Methven's carbon footprint as 100.21 tCO2e. Ninety-one per cent of Methven's emissions fell under scope 1 (direct emissions), with the largest emissions coming from the consumption of fuels burned in company-owned or -controlled sources.

THG Eco used this data to create a carbon management plan that guided Methven towards lower emissions. 

THG Eco was also about to source high-quality carbon credits from a wind power project in Rajasthan, India, which were used to offset Methven's residual emissions. 

Following a PAS 2060 report, Methven was awarded verification of their emission calculations and offsets. 

In Methven's Words...

We had carried out our first GHG assessment and were looking into doing our second year. I discussed this with other BMA members at a sustainability conference where Adam was presenting. He informed me that THG Eco may be able to help with our next GHG assessment and also the range of options for carbon offsets. I was also looking for a larger team and greater insight to help us with a longer-term strategy.

I had several discussions with Adam at THG Eco on the options and the services they could provide. Our previous supplier had been very good, but THG Eco are a much larger organization with more experience of medium to large enterprise. Having discussed all the various options and costs we were happy to proceed with THG Eco based on technical knowledge, experience and cost-effective service.

We found THG eco efficient, knowledgeable, approachable and thorough. We agreed the scope of works and provided them with all relevant information within 2 weeks. We also agreed a timeline for the works to be completed , which they met with lots of communication and updates.


Methven were able to demonstrate their authoritative position in the shower, taps and valves industry by implementing a proactive sustainability strategy that sought to calculate and offset their emissions. Through THG Eco, they were able to achieve their aims, while also creating a carbon management plan that identified emission hotspots and identified opportunities for decreasing their footprint. 
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