LOOKFANTASTIC achieves a 72% reduction in Beauty Box packaging emissions

...and saves £2 million in the process


LOOKFANTASTIC enlisted the help of THG Eco in its project to reduce the overall emissions and waste from its Beauty Box packaging.
Through this collaboration, LOOKFANTASTIC reduced overall Beauty Box packaging emissions by 72%, offset the remaining emissions for its outer packaging and saved £2 million across packaging and supply chain costs as a result. 


Reduction in overall Beauty Box packaging emissions


Reduction in distribution & storage emissions


Reduction in packaging end-of-life emissions


LOOKFANTASTIC is Europe’s number one online premium beauty retailer, with a portfolio of over 660 luxury beauty brands, 22,000 beauty products and 200 shipping locations.

It’s driven by creating brilliant customer experiences, including the monthly Beauty Box – a subscription box containing six unique beauty discoveries. 

LOOKFANTASTIC forms part of THG Holdings plc, a leading global ecommerce group and brand owner. THG has a strong commitment to sustainability, using its global scale, world-class talent and dedication to innovation to act as a force for good. 

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The Challenge

Following a carbon footprint analysis, LOOKFANTASTIC identified its Beauty Box packaging as a hotspot for emissions, waste and cost. LOOKFANTASTIC used this as an opportunity to redesign the packaging for the benefit of the planet, its customers and the business.

However, before committing to manufacturing the new packaging, LOOKFANTASTIC wanted to ensure the new minimalist design was scientifically sound, with evidence to demonstrate the environmental benefits, identify areas for further improvement and calculate any unavoidable emissions that required offsetting.

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The Solution

LOOKFANTASTIC engaged THG Eco to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the cradle-to-grave emissions of their previous and current Beauty Box packaging. This involved analysis of the environmental impact of the packaging across:

1.     Material acquisition
2.     Production and transport
3.     Distribution and storage
4.     End-of-life waste treatment.

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The Journey

THG Eco worked with its delivery partner MyCarbon through a three-phase process to deliver the LCA within five weeks:

  • Phase 1: Boundary mapping, supply chain engagement, emissions identification and data collection.
  • Phase 2: Data calculation and review, data analysis and LCA report
  • Phase 3: Implementation, target setting and carbon offsetting 

The Results

The LCA demonstrated that the new Beauty Box (BB) packaging delivered significant emission, fuel and cost reductions when compared to the previous packaging. This included:

  • 72% reduction in total BB packaging emissions
  • 61% reduction in BB packaging weight – resulting in reduced overall fuel usage
  • 61% reduction in BB outer packaging end-of-life emissions

With sound scientific research behind its new packaging, LOOKFANTASTIC could proceed with its new design and achieve the environmental reductions outlined without compromising on customer satisfaction or product quality.

In addition, LOOKFANTASTIC were able to calculate the remaining emissions of the outer packaging and offset them with high-quality carbon credits that supported international climate initiatives. 


LOOKFANTASTIC were able to demonstrate their proactive commitment to sustainability by conducting an LCA that helped reduce the environmental footprint of their Beauty Box packaging. In addition, LOOKFANTASTIC were able to achieve significant cost savings alongside meeting the growing customer demand for sustainable packaging. 

To find out how you can calculate, reduce and verify packaging emissions for your business, get in touch using the form below or by emailing eco@thg.com.

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