Ideal Standard identifies and tackles emission hotspots with THG Eco

...and educates 100+ employees in the process


Ideal Standard called on the help of THG Eco in its project to calculate emissions, identify hotspots and educate employees in stage one of its footprinting and analysis strategy. Through this partnership, Ideal Standard were able to achieve their aims and identify ways to reduce Scope 1 emissions in readiness for setting science-based targets and begin its journey to net zero.


Emission calculation and report aligned with ISO14067


Hotspot analysis complete to identify areas for improvement


Employees upskilled in climate action workshop

About Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard has over 100 years' experience combining design and functionality to create better products and solutions for washrooms and bathrooms. 

Being a leading figure in the bathroom industry, Ideal Standard feels responsible for also leading the change when it comes to sustainability - setting impactful environmental, social and governance goals in addition to developing products that help customers save on water use and reduce energy consumption. 

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The Challenge

Ideal Standard wanted to gain a competitive advantage in its industry by understanding its manufacturing carbon footprint, enhancing climate action through emission reductions, and reducing operational spend on its journey to net zero. 

With a wide range of processes and activities, across a large network of global manufacturing and office sites, Ideal Standard faced the challenge of ensuring a full and accurate set of data was collected for analysis. The closure of some manufacturing sites over previous years also presented difficulties in setting and measuring a base year. 

In addition, Ideal Standard felt there was a general lack of understanding about data collection and climate change among employees - something that could hinder their future progress towards net zero. 

The Solution

Ideal Standard engaged THG Eco to conduct a GHG assessment covering Scopes 1, 2 and partial 3, across its global network of 13 manufacturing sites and offices. This included:

  • Fuel and energy related activities
  • Employee commuting
  • Shipping
  • Waste
  • Inbound water
  • Business travel

This was to be completed in consultation with SBTi, in consideration of their wider ambitions regarding net zero and setting science-based targets.

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The Journey

THG Eco worked with Ideal Standard to collect the vast amount of data required to calculate its GHG emissions. 

This included working with local teams to outline alternative methods and solutions where data could not be supplied by specific manufacturing locations.

Where this was still not possible, industry-standard emission factors were sought, following extensive research, and incorporated into the report. This data was included in the report along with the source of each emission factor to not only justify the calculations, but to highlight where they had been used and where further clarity could be sought when completing the exercise the following year.

The Results

The final GHG report, aligned with ISO14067, calculated emission outputs by location and scope. In addition, a PARETO hotspot analysis highlighted specific areas where emission outputs were higher and localised, allowing Ideal Standard to make strategic operational changes to reduce them.

For example, reviewing the possibility of replacing gas kilns with electrical alternatives accompanied by Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions. 

THG Eco also ran a series of workshops for 100+ global employees covering climate change, climate action, footprinting, data collection, and the GHG report. 

We are now working on the GHG reporting for the following year, covering Scope 1, 2, and 3 in full.


With Ideal Standard's stage one footprinting and analysis complete, THG Eco is working with them to set science-based targets, alongside an offsetting strategy and roadmap to net zero. 

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