BHJ commits to science-based targets and starts journey to net zero with THG Eco



BHJ worked closely with THG Eco to create a straight-forward and clearly defined process for its journey to net zero, mapping the the extensive data collection exercise and submitting its commitments to the SBTi in the process. 


Data collection complete for 2022, across 40 locations


Letter of commitment sent to Science Based Targets initiative


Outline for life cycle assessment completion in 2023 / 2024

About BHJ

BHJ is a world-leading supplier of animal proteins for use in the food, pet food, feed, pharmaceutical and energy industries.

With over 50 years' experience of turning slaughterhouse and fishery by-products into valuable raw materials, BHJ has grown to 24 plants, 16 office and 1100+ employees across 11 countries. 

But being a global business brings global responsibilities, which is why BHJ commits to doing business as sustainably as possible and reaching net zero as quickly as possible. 

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The Challenge

For an operation as large as BHJ, data collection for LCAs, footprinting and baseline/goal setting was always going to be tricky but the species-specific data required to achieve this added an additional complexity.

With 19 animal species used across their portfolio, working with remote teams to gather end-to-end data for each bespoke category was challenging, especially since this was not currently common practice in the industry. 

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The Solution

BHJ approached THG Eco for help understanding, planning and achieving its journey to net zero. This included:

  • LCAs of all species
  • Carbon footprinting
  • Data analysis
  • Science Based Target setting
  • A roadmap the net zero
  • SBTi submission reporting

THG Eco was able to offer daily guidance to BHJ at the beginning of their data-collection journey, and extensive review of external literature and databases to provide industry-average species-specific emissions data. 

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The Journey

THG Eco kicked off BHJ's journey with a straightforward and clearly defined roadmap to net zero. This outlined the process for each stage and deliverable, allowing BHJ to understand their actions and keep track of their progress. 

Understanding the carbon footprint of each BHJ product was vital to understanding end-to-end GHG emissions and setting a benchmark against which their progress could be measured. THG Eco worked closely with BHJ to appoint and guide local champions to lead the data collection process across different sites - something that worked really well for BHJ. 

THG Eco also worked closely with BHJ's operational and marketing teams to ensure marketing material communicated correct and transparent information regarding their journey and commitments

The Results

While BHJ's journey is still in its early stages, significant progress has been made thanks to the collaboration with THG Eco.

Together, we have:

  • Completed the data collection process for 2022
  • Planned the data collection process for 2023
  • Prepared for future product life cycle assessments
  • Submitted a letter of commitment to the SBTi

We are also in the process of setting science-based targets and a strategy ready for future submission. 


BHJ are a outstanding example of how complex yet achievable sustainability can be for businesses of global reach and scale. While the process is continuing, BHJ have been able to confidently commit to and progress a roadmap to net zero, which will bring significant environmental, commercial and social benefits to the business and its stakeholders. 

If you would like to explore the process behind reaching net zero and submitting science-based targets, get in touch using the form below or by emailing

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