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Direct Carbon Project Investment & Pre-Feasibility 

Direct carbon project investment is an increasingly favoured method that many are exploring. This is an opportunity for organisations to fund projects at source, offering an alternative solution to purchasing carbon offsets in the spot market, with the potential of future offsets being delivered at a discounted price.  

Simultaneously, the investments support carbon projects to scale up and enhance their positive climate impact. We have access to a large network of project developers seeking additional funding to grow their projects, presenting a large portfolio of investment opportunities, covering a wide range of methodologies, geographies, investment terms, and scale.  

Direct Carbon Project Investment & Pre-Feasibility
Carbon Project Investment

Carbon Project Investment 

We introduce organisations directly to project developers seeking investment, tailoring the introductions to suit the needs of both the investor and the developer. 

Utilising our carbon project expertise, we will prepare a detailed report for an investing organisation’s review, including: 

  1. Project technology/methodology
  2. Project size and scalability
  3. Credit standard
  4. Expected volume of carbon credits generated
  5. Provisional price upon credit delivery
  6. Investment report

This process allows for a detailed and thorough review into projects, in advance of any investments being made, to ensure your organisation’s requirements are met, with minimal risk. 
Project Pre-Feasibility Study

Project Pre-Feasibility Study 

Many of the THG Eco direct project investment opportunities are in very early stages, enabling our teams to utilise their expertise and evaluate a project prior to its implementation. The THG Eco pre-feasibility studies assess:  

  • Proposed methodology
  • Project area
  • Main drivers of change and effects on proposed project areas
  • Environmental risk and limitations
  • Scaling potential
  • Potential GHG emissions reductions
  • Additional benefits of the project

Get in touch with our teams to learn more about how we can support you with direct project investment.  

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